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Jewell Artistry

ULTRA 2 - 5ml

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Our upgraded version of the original “Ultra”. Ultra 2 has a .5-1 second dry time is for anyone who can keep up with their hands. Perfection with all things lashes including Easy Fans and Promades. This is such a smooth adhesive that’s so easy to work with it literally melts in place. 

  • .5-1 second dry time
  • Low Fumes
  • Multi - Use for all types of lash application 
  • Black in color
  • 50-55% Humidity Range recommended, but works well out of range. 
  • 41-72F

Always make sure to clean the tip. Shake side to side or with a glue shaker. 


Unmatched Consistency

The JEWELL ARTISTRY UV/LED Eyelash System is the game-changer your eyelash business has been waiting for. Imagine consistent, flawless lashes that cure in seconds, unaffected by humidity, temperature, or season. With an 80% success rate for clients with adhesive allergies, and the ability for them to get their lashes wet immediately, your clientele will grow, and your profit will soar.


Efficiency Redefined

Say goodbye to fumes, bonder, and fanning, and hello to efficiency, safety, and unmatched client satisfaction. Don’t hesitate; this system is an innovation that will elevate your business. Invest in the UV/LED Eyelash System today and watch your eyelash business transform!

  • Caitlin from NYC

    The way this UV/LED system is a game changer! I cut 30 minutes off a full set today and lashed every single lash. I'm SO blown away!

  • NaLeah from AZ

    The UV light blows my mind! I'm so glad that I bought it!


    My clients love it too

  • Melissa from MI

    The Jewell Artistry eyelash system has been an amazing asset for all the artists in our space! We love it! Can't go without it!